Sunday 30 August 2015

A Book Party





Another year, another simple party by a time poor mum. Rather than invest in flowers this year, we opted for much loved balloons ("boons"). Ivory, blush, peach, coral, grey. Colours inspired by the book Bonjour Camille. The flowers strung over the table were all I could find in my garden (they're probably weeds). I had the wonderfully talented illustrator and wordsmith, Mer Mag draw me a custom image and used it to make a mini book invitation. I cut out the same image and used it as a cake topper on one of the 2 cakes I made from 3 packet mixes. I threw an IKEA curtain over the fold-up table as a tablecloth, made a fruit salad covered with yoghurt, berries and honey; a green salad; graciously accepted the nannas contributions of sandwiches and cat cookies. I pulled our old cot out of the garage and this as used to hold gifts and handbags and Elsa wigs! We tied balloons onto it and each kid picked a colour and drew a face on their balloon. We brought down the kettle and sang Happy Birthday in the sunshine with cake and tea.

Supplier list
Balloons and '2' cake topper from The Party People
Illustration by Merrilee Liddard of Mer Mag (invitations were made by modifying the template mentioned below and printed on Canson paper (25 sheet packet) from Lincraft)
Fruit paper cups, napkins and checked dessert plates from Lark Store
Fruit paper plates, green striped straws and tassel horns from My Messy Room
Template for cat/houses used as lolly bags from Lucille Michieli
White pews and vintage school chairs used as kids table & chairs available for hire from me!

p.s. my sister also did a lovely post on her blog here

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Mr Built Us A Bathroom

Mr and I have been in this house for 3.5 years. My priority was the bathroom. Somehow we managed to to start on the exterior: Paving the driveway, re-cladding the house, new front door, gates and new turf and plants.  Meanwhile the toilet leaked, the shower curtain was sticking to us as we showered in the draughty room, the vanity shelves and drawers had collapsed from water damage, Mr couldn't see himself on the mirror (it was positioned low under the window) and well, that pink whale spout and rambling rose feature tile!

The Brief
I was after a 'vintage modern' bathroom. I wanted it to be modest and in keeping with the era of the home (50s).

The Plan (& Source List)
We had to change the layout as the mirror had to be higher. We had no storage previously so we wanted lots of it. We had little paper cut outs of each element and did every possible layout scenario - then at the last minute we changed our mind again. We joined the separate toilet with the main bathroom. I wanted the bath to have breathing space.

The New Bathroom - Ta da!


If you have any questins or would like me to design a room for you, just email me.

Sunday 17 May 2015

My Second Mother's Day


Mother's Day. I feel honoured to be part of this crew called Mothers. I always felt this day was a day to buy your mum something to thank her for everything she does for you. This year my viewed changed.  As a new mum, it was a day to celebrate how fortunate I feel to have been graced with a delightful little person who lights up our lives. To be able to call myself a mum. Her mum.

Saturday 28 March 2015

The Gathered Store by Little Gatherer






When my favourite blog for all things lovely for little ones called to ask me to photograph campaign images for their new store, I jumped at the chance!  Little Gatherer launched The Gathered Store just before Christmas here and the Telkiddo bags made super cute Santa sacks. The images created were made into banners for their facebook page and webstore and also as product images, instagram posts and lots, lots more.