Monday 16 March 2009

Being Brave # 3 - Thank You Flowers

carrying flowers down the street & waiting for the plane home

p.s. this isn't me - it's another girl waiting at the airport. How did you like the darker pics? Are we coping? x


Wondering Helen said...

Loving them. I'm a new reader, but I've enjoyed your archives, and I quite like the "concrete" part of your blog ... just as much as the "honey" even!

I believe I found you through Pia. And I'm glad I did.


belle said...

All of your pics are lovely, light and dark!

Anonymous said...

I've been dreaming of flowers and trees blooming. Must be upon spring...beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely loved your blog ..
it is so beautiful , just kind of a refliction of your own inner beauty ..

Lovely pictures , i just loved it !