Monday 18 May 2009

Is Fashion your Religion?

Cool French fashion house Marithe & Francois Girbaud put a female model in Christ's place in a re-enactment of Leonardo da Vinci's Christ's Last Supper offering fashion rather than peace created enough controversy a few years back to have it banned by an Italian court. Their Spring Summer '08 lunacy is below.
On the ceiling of Hauptbahnhof train stain in Cologne for the '06 world cup TBWA created a work of art for Adidas reminiscent of the Sistine chapel.
Images 1 +4 via The Cool Hunter / 2 +3 from website.


ediretnati said...

Yes, am I. My fashion is my life. My fashion is myself. My fashion is about my opinion. So, I think my fashion is my religion........

Unknown said...

Fashion is a way of life, religion is a way of life. I'm sure most of us spend a few hours a day thinking about clothes rather than god... xoxo