Sunday 21 February 2010

Flowers From A Boy

creamy puffs
feathers, freedom, paris
shoes of gold and mustard


I Turner said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the cute bows :) Did you take the photos yourself?

Unknown said...

gorgeous - as always

have a lovely weekend
sharon xx

Polly Rowan said...

This are so pretty! xx

Cara said...

Mmm, love these all! The details + the lighting + just pure loveliness!

mikapoka said...

you're so chic!

Chani said...

What a beautiful blog! Your pictures are amazing!
Love, Chani from Paris

Pearl said...

Stunning Pictures! I love the individual flower in glass bottles! I actually just bought something similar to that at a craft store. cant wait to put some flowers on my table! so beautiful
Lovely Blog by the way!


Pearl said...

Very Lovely!
I love the flowers in the small glass vases, i have very similar at my home too.
And the bows are so cute!