Friday 19 March 2010

Print Dolls

I love everything about this image. Everything.
That big present at the back is for you La La.
Happy 30th, I hope you're having a ball in DisneyLand.
Source: Print Dolls


Lillian C said...

Wow...I love everything about this picture too!!

Unknown said...

i love it all to!

from lara said...

ooo love this as well! how cute would it be as a boutique? :)

Dionne said...

Oh how lovely!

meandering pearl said...

utterly magnificent!!!

Carly Anne said...

The typeface on the stand-up art is so fabulous; it breaks up the softness of the space perfectly.


Michelle Reyna said...

This print/word art is amazing! I have something large somber piece similar to those leaning on a naked wall in my room, makes it all better!