Thursday 8 April 2010

Her l Him

I took Mr to the NSW Art Gallery last weekend. It wasn't his cup of tea. He loved the building itself, the beautiful stone, the ceiling, the architecture and I liked the gilded frames more than the paintings within them, hence spending most of our time in the Gallery's cafe (where we had the toasted sandwich of our lives).

Witchery is my cup of tea and I picked up their beautiful new paper and read every word. Modern Love. It's a love I like the sound of..."being individually together".

I'm a no magnets on the fridge girl but I found some word magnets ("frantic" & "like") on a wall in Redfern and I took them home and used them to hold the torn-out love on a dewy window page.

All very romantic. The mag asks 4 couples the questions below.

I might answer them about Mr. Since blogging isn't his cup of tea I guess that makes my answers almost private (te he). Leave a comment and let me know some cute answers about you and yours.

Let's begin by being creative and pretend we don't have other full time jobs.

Moi: The design lover/blogger
Mr: The furniture maker

Where did you first meet? On a street corner in Surry Hills

What first drew you to each other? His humour, height & hands

Name 2 things you love most about each other His kind heart & his capacity for joy

What should people know about your partner? He's easy to love, his actions are measured and deliberate, sometimes he's shy

Share each others most endearing qualities? His gentleness

What haven’t you done yet but hope to do together? Kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower

What do you agree to disagree on? The virtues of late nights (me) and early mornings (him)

What’s the nicest thing your partner has ever done for you? Asked me on a date, paid and stayed

If your partner was a colour, what would they be? Hmm

In one word, please sum each other up. Calm

Images 1-3 via Witchery & 4 via Inside Out.
p.s. thank you for all the comments about my pink & white roses - you made it my most popular post yet! They have all died except the half/half one, there's something magical about it.


Beach House Living said...

How sweet.

leni said...

aww, too cute.

Vicki said...

Love this post, your questions and answers were simply lovely :)
What i love about my Mr. is that we can talk for hours (not just me talking) and never run out of things to say we are always the last to leave restaurants and often get asked to leave cos we are too busy chattin to notice they are closing! :)
vicki xo

Anonymous said...

There is something magical about the roses I bought you, the last rose standing is a symbol of us as a couple,half 'n' half, how our love will not wilter away.
Love always... Mr