Wednesday 16 March 2011

A Date w/ Oscar

On the weekend we looked after our darling little bird of a nephew Oscar.

We baked marble cake, drank vanilla Earl Grey tea, snuggled in bed and played DS, picked up the laundry, took photos of the stuff on my desk, tore out pages from my much loved Fifi Lapin 'What should I wear today?' book and framed them, went to Manly and to the new Greenhouse by Joost cafe at the Rocks (don't bother the service was so bad we left...and no-one even noticed), the Vanilla Rose cocktail on a bright sunshiny day at lunchtime helped, had gelato (me - coconut & strawberry; him - vanilla & raspberry) and dined out at the local Thai place. What a little poppet.


Glamour Drops said...

Those meringues look like fluffy puffs of sweet clouds!

Sounds like a fab day. And as long as you got to SEE the Joost fitout, you probably got the best of the place anyway! Bad service should never be rewarded ~ good on you for voting with your feet.

Beautiful images, as always.

beachcomber said...

shame about the greenhouse cafe..sounds like a fun weekend!

LCR said...

those photos to go along with the date are unreal. You can come decorate my dresser/ desktops too;)

jordan said...

so presh. sounds sweet.

Danny DeMichele said...

The Vanilla Rose cocktail on a bright sunshiny day at lunchtime,sounds yummy.

Slavica at Seductively French said...

what a great day you both had - love the photos of your desk

Unknown said...

i'm coveting that 5 teacup. Where did you find that gem?

N I C O L A said...

The tea cup is from a very cute online store called Emerald & Ella. x