Wednesday 17 August 2011

New In The Zoo

Thank goodness today was a little less stressful than the last few weeks - I even managed a gym class. Stitchy and I have become quite close and I have updated the shop with the likes of 'In The Navy' (shown here), 'Lemon' & 'Kermit' and some gorgeous fresh colour combos - have a look and let me know what you think. xx


best herbal incense said...

These color combination is really very fine and sophisticated.
Loved your designs.

Anonymous said...

these circle paper strings (technical name) are great - i've been seeing them everywhere. have you made some? i'm wondering how easy it is to sew over paper/cardstock? do you need a special setting on a sewing machine? they look great!

i've had your blog on my blogroll forever and just love checking your blog out!

certified gemologist said...

Frankly speaking,i simply loved your choice...your designs,your choice of color combination and every other small things!Everything is so perfect and beautiful..great going!

Pier 59 Studios said...

Wow looking awesome...It looks really attractive,the colors are vibrants..

kamagra oral jelly said...

Only one word to say about this "AWESOME"..super fine interiors and colors..
Great job.