Sunday 16 October 2011


Saturday was such a busy day - I usually like Saturdays to read, to faff, to sew. Not so this weekend. It went a little bit like this: A walk and a coffee, a carpenter in our house, an auction, Mr bought me flowers at the amazing fjura (pic 2 is a bridal bouquet I'd be overjoyed with), exchanged some trousers in Witchery, 3 house inspections, 2 family visits, a snuggle of a baby, lunch with dad, framing pick up - I had my dots framed, I'll show you soon - drop off Mr for a hair cut, drop myself to a facial, pick up Mr, rearrage the house because the carpenter built a wall to block off our balcony, view & lounge room (long story) - tried to rearrange to create space that isn't there. The peonies made everything bearable, so did dinner with friends and lots of lovely wine, only to wake up with a stinger of a headache and do it all again. A walk, a coffee, finish rearranging the house. A beautiful summery day, a picnic with stunning views, the making of some beautiful new cloud garlands. What did you get up to?