Wednesday 10 April 2013

A Magical 9th Tale


I received a magical email from a lovely etsy customer who wanted my help to create a handmade box of Australian goodies to send her niece for 9th birthday.  This is an excerpt of her story.

"...she is petite, blonde, and very outgoing. She is intrigued by whimsical and mystical things (like witches and fairies). She searches the wooded yard they have to see if she can find any. She is a girly girl. Many of their classmates come from Europe and Australia. Her very best friend Rosie moved back to Australia a few months ago. Charlotte misses her and is very interested in everything Australian. Would you be willing to create a box of handmade creations for her?"


Richelle Lynn Garn said...

So cute!! I'm sure she will love it. Heck, I'm 29 and I love it!

Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

Squeak & Squirrel said...

Dreamiest snail mail I ever did see. x

clare said...

How lovely! Just perfect! I am so excited to see the pictures and blog post! Thank you so much!


Angela said...

Oh my goodness, life is full of amazing opportunities to create magic and wonder - you are so blessed to have found a client with such an imaginative spark!

Your creations are absolutely beautiful - what a lucky little poppet!