Thursday 9 January 2014

A Fresh Start for A New Year

Hellooo.  I've made some changes around here.  As I have been spending more time on Instagram and less time on my blog, I thought I'd try and reignite my passion for blogging - it's a bit more time consuming than IG, but worth it, as the images tend to be better quality (carefully taken on a camera not a phone), and a blog post allows you to tell a story.

Sooo I have removed the 'favourite posts' buttons (pretty as they were), added some pages, added labels and changed my header (I always wanted to remain private/anonymous but as my face/house/life is on IG and my blog has been around for 5 years now, I may as well show my face - this is me!).

I have also added a 'Press' button as I was looking through the mentions by blog has received over the years I was delighted all over again to be reminded my little blog appeared on my top three blog heroes' hugely popular blogs soon after I started blogging.  Over the years, their success and popularity has grown enormously with multiple books, open houses and e-courses between them .  My little blog hasn't boomed like theirs but I would still one day love to publish a book (any publishers interested?!).  Anywho, less about me, more about you.  Let me know if there is anything you wish was easier to find on my blog.  Thank you for continuing to be on this 'searching for beauty' journey with me.  

Pia Jane Bijkerk mentioned my blog here and a lovely little mention here
24/2/09 & 13/3/09

Lucy featured my photos here 

Holly's Decor8 Blog of the week on 25/3/09 and post 22/5/09


E + Alice said...

Fave blog ever. I think Mr needs to do a guest post too. xox

Amy said...

Gorgeous post, Nicola! I am new to your blog - I found you through Instagram :) Congratulations on your mentions, they're pretty impressive! x