Monday 2 February 2009

Concrete Honey on Toast

Where else but Paris? I googled concrete honey and there is such a thing - Miel Beton. An artist installed a dozen hives on the roof of Saint Denis' town hall and the little bees found nectar in places like rooftop terraces, parks, balconies and tree-lined streets. Locals are literally "eating their neighbourhood" from little jars.
We, the artistic inhabitants living in this buzzing inner city hive, gorge ourselves on the urban nectar of our wine bars and cafes, art galleries, rooftop terraces and food and friend-filled homes. This is how we pollinate our city and the honey it produces is sweet inspiration. Our concrete honey tastes like Surry Hills.

Image of Miel Beton by l'antipodeuse. Other images: pear & pecans from my kitchen and coriander gone to seed from my balcony.


Mary said...

well fancy that!!
i can tell you that the Marseille miel b├Ęton tasted great!
why did you decide to call you blog concrete honey?
thanks for the credit :)

N I C O L A said...

So jelous that you got to taste the real thing!

There are 2 reasons I called it concrete & honey: 1) "inspiration is everywhere" was taken; and 2) they are my favourite lyrics from a Jewel song -'Kiss the Flame' - "We shall be left standing / To face what's left of concrete and honey." But it's kind of meant to reflect the inspiration I get from living inner city. Thank you for leaving a comment!