Monday 9 March 2009

Oh, For the Love of Lace

I've been inspired by lace ever since I spotted it here and here and even here. By chance Stef had a gorgeous crotchet number in her shop and I was lucky enough to pick up a vintage cream placemat and a ridiculously long sweet lilac table runner which as it turns out is perfect for my ridiculously long table (all the better to spread out my magazine tearings and set up my little treasure groupings).
#1 Pretty schnitty: it is one clever stylist who can make chicken schnitzel look pretty and Leesa O'Reilly did an amzing job with this recipe from Sunday Life magazine.
#2 Bali Café: I took this when I was in Bali for my 30th last year, it's in a beautiful space with wonderful food.
#3 Concrete lace: This amazing floor belongs to the daughter of My Marrakesh's Maryam. When the Body Corporate finally tell me its time to rip out my bathroom, this will be my floor of choice. Stencil available from Royal Design Studio.

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Denise Kiggan said...

Lovely stuff! I love Maryam's floor! BTW.,I responded to your tag today!