Sunday 15 March 2009

Melbourne Love

Tea at V&A's

Victoria: Anne Fontaine shirt / Diesel Jeans / Lanvin bag

$20 salad bowl from Lost & Found + chemistry bottles from Industria

Soaps from Klein's perfumery & plate from Industria (acquired via a psychiatric hospital)

Cards: Vassette florist, tram ticket, Hellenic Republic, The Commoner

Melbourne must be one of the coolest cities in the world. Wandering down Smith Street in Collingwood and Gertrude Street in Fitzroy I was amazed by the truly unique characters, their individual style and the choice of bars and cafes they had to choose from. But my greatest discovery of all was reuniting with my darling friends, Victoria & Alex and remembering that although we may be separated by state, we are never really far apart. Thanks for having me. x

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Ms Unreliable said...

I love Melbourne too, definitely looking forward to moving there eventually and just being able to wind down a few gears. Us Sydney kids take everything so seriously!