Friday 10 April 2009

Who Is David Austin?

This may look like roses in a shopping bag, but its actually filled with gratitude for the mentions and blog awards I've been honoured to receive by That Unreliable Girl, Decor8 and Metamorphosis. Did you guys catch a glimpse of my little apartment over at Simply Grove? And last but not least, an extra special thank you to Steph from Bondville for her support - I am ever appreciative of any recognition given to this little blog.
p.s. these gorgeous blooms were as heavy-headed as a sleeping baby, so (besides the bag pics) these photos were taken from below, that is, I hung the roses upside down on the wall.


Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

Divine! And thank you so much for the gorgeous pics.

Joanna Lee said...

Beautiful, as usual! Those are one of my favorite types of roses. Just gorgeous...almost more casual.

Pretty Lovely said...

Those roses are so lovely. Congrats on all your recent features.


Sam @PrettyLovely

d smith kaich jones said...

I lurk & lurk here & ooooh & aaaah & lust for your roses & your cakes & just everything in general, but I never say anything. Shame on me.

Thank you for this slice of heaven. I just feel good - yes, just like the James Brown song - when I come here. I even want to dance like him - there is always happiness waiting at your place.

:) Debi

Jamie said...

Oh I love these pictures they remind me of my wedding! Yum.