Monday 18 May 2009

Bright Blues

I was awe struck when I saw this image featured on the cover of the Inside Out Decorating & Renovating Guide, so much so, that when I lent it to my sister I couldn't wait til she returned it so I bought another. It's as lush on this inside as it is on the outside - hence the name I guess. The 'fabrics' editorial starting on page 121 is absolutely incredible...crumbling walls, richly patterned tiles, a lace valance, light through sheer curtains, layered collections of blue ceramics, butterfly plates and single stems. Turn to page 142 for the 'paint' story inspired by a banquet of richly hued roses and hydrangeas, baby pears and ginger flowers, rosehips and quince. Divine.

Images by Damian Russell. Bathroom belongs to fashion visionary Matthew Williamson. Love that collage!


Unknown said...

Oh wow, I love the colours in the first picture. If you have a short attention span, a blank wall is perfect for shuffling stuff around xoxo

Arianna Belle said...

I LOVE that rug in that first photograph!

Alice said...

hanging out for this issue on the shelves in NZ!