Thursday, 18 June 2009

Concrete House

I la la love this concrete house by South African architect Gregory Katz.

Images from Gregory Katz (undecorated architectural images here), Dwell (May 08) and Real Living.


leni said...

i think it's beautiful, but it must get cold during the winter (either that or the heating bill is outrageous!)

Dreamgirl said...

It's a great open space, but maybe a little bit too cold for me. (Living in Norway we would freeze to death in a concrete home like that...)
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Greeting from Norway

LipstickOne said...

you hear concrete house and you think that its not cozy..but it is...

Amy said...

That would be a great house if you lived somewhere warm! Not for up here in Mpls!

Anonymous said...

The design is great, but it looks cold and clinic. I would not want to live in a house like that.

JANJUL said...

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I hope that all the people like it!!!

Greetings from Bavaria


Sorry, my english is terrible :(((

Anonymous said...

that is oddly beautiful!

Andrea Gray said...

Have you seen the concrete jewelry by canadian based designer Karen Konzuk?

check it out! I think you would like it!

Jennifer Ramos said...

I saw this in the mag and thought it was so nicely put together. They seemed to have saved on paint hehe

Jen Ramos
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