Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Lucky Girl

I received some lovely gifts this year. Stunning flowers, a stack of amazing little cakes delivered in pink plastic bags and white boxes and porcelain so fine its almost transparent arrived wrapped in swathes of tissue paper. More on that shortly.


RhiannonM said...

Definitely lucky girl, I look forward to hearing more. : )

Jennifer Ramos said...

Lucky you..such a nice gift...from who? :)

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Polly R said...

Wow those cakes look divine. And they are so cute in their little boxes! x

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Beautiful gifts and amazing photography.... As always :)

leni said...

beautiful gifts!

Lisa Falzon said...

Ooooh that cake!!! It makes me yearn for some of my own!!