Sunday 28 June 2009

Set Up

Personalised placesetting: An orchid with a strip of paper holding 3 words (see below). Each persons words are different and are characteristics that I love about them and make me feel lucky to have them as a friend. My guests were able to recognise themselves by their set of words (phew) and then they took their seats and were poured a glass of red wine.
accepting : positive : warm
spirited : genuine : giving
humour : energy : style
beauty : dignity : grace


Unknown said...

what a beautiful idea... i may have to try that some time. your pictures are breathtaking as always! :)

Christine said...

Great idea and it looks gorgeous!

Dionne said...

GORGEOUS!! I want to come to one of your parties! Pity I don't live in Australia anymore :(

Anonymous said...

adorable idea!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I am blown away with the beauty of it. I found myself just going through all your photos,filled with inspiration and beautiful images. I have officially added you to blogs I follow and I look forward to future posts. Cheers!

Classy Drifter said...

Gorgeous! Orchids were a beautiful choice!