Thursday 2 July 2009

Teacup Lights

It's been a few days and I have so missed posting. The reason for my absence is that google has recently informed me that they use Picasa web albums to store all the photos uploaded to blogger and my storage space has run out! who knew? anywho - I promptly paid for an upgrade in storage, which is showing up in my account, yetI am still unable to upload images to this blog! Has anyone had the same thing happen? Any tips you could pass on would be fab!

This pic is my bedroom wall - family photos on winged pegs and my Electric Mavis teacup lights have finally been hung. I got them last year at the Designers Fair in Melbourne from a guy who stared making them as part of a recycling project. They do chandaliers too - check them out. Domestic construction do a version too (without saucers) and its hard to go past the Kebab light by super cool design outfit Committee.


lisa :: the red thread said...

Oh I love the Electric Mavis lights. I think there's a shop in Bellevue Hill that stocks them.

I think the problem with your storage space might be because you are uploading huge files?? I've been blogging for almost a year, and I have uploaded lots of photos per post and I haven't even used up 10% of my storage space yet. Make sure your photos are 72dpi and I generally make mine 13cm wide. That way the file size is around 300kb. I hope that helps.

ecb said...

I love the tea cup lights! : ) Any idea if this is something I could make myself? Have inherited a few cups and saucers over the years from various elderly relatives and of course, nothing matches. ; ) I never have enough to make a set. If I could hang them up as lights, that would be perfect! What kind of light bulbs do you use? Doesn't the heat make the porcelain crack?