Sunday, 19 July 2009


Woke at noon, wandered around Darlinghurst and found myself at Merci. Not the real thing but a joyous reminder of what's to come. A Toby's Estate coffee and dense fruit toast with organic butter then to the bookstore.
I love Ariel Bookstore. Their shelves are beautifully layed out, never too crowded, full of fabulous design and photography books, staff reviewed novels and lots of stools and objects to perch on to pour through the pages. They stock hard to find magazines like Lula and Dumbo Feather and from their ceilings hang stacks of gorgeous Chinese lanterns.
Across the road I discovered the Artisan Guild & Curiosity Shop pop up store (here til 31 July only!). I think it's Sydney's most fascinating and original shop. A gorgeous men's brand and vintage broaches, ties, headpieces and luggage. Artisans offerings of silver rings and tiny bird skulls & feathers. There are plants attached to the wall as well as deer heads and bird cages.
Then homeward bound with my booty of books and some dish washing and laundry, then off to catch Coco Avant Chanel.

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