Friday 26 March 2010

Naked Devotee

I had a little time to myself on the weekend as Mr was working on sacred Saturday and I was blissfully left to my own devices. Sitting in Piccolo after a 10.30am sleep in, I read the local papers, drank lattes and came across Naked, THE city guide for the Gold Coast.
The remainder of the afternoon was hence spent ploughing through the glitz of the GC with the guidance of Naked to discover the many cultural, arty, creative gems that unbeknownst to Mr, (creature of habit) even existed. Vintage Espresso was absolutely adorable, I am going back camera in hand to ask permission to take some pics and to do the place justice. Worth the trip alone is an afternoon sitting here. GC here I come.
Artwork by Kareena Zerefos via Karen. All others from Naked.

1 comment:

jordan said...

so great. i really like it.
also, the flowers below are completely fab.