Tuesday 27 April 2010

Never Enough Shelves

If only I could get a carpenter to fall in love with me.
There's no end to the love I'd have for a man who could build me a set of shelves...
I have piles of books and mags just waiting to fill them.

3rd last image by Marjon Hoogervorst via Bloesem, all others from The Selby.


ashley // chasing heartbeats said...

ha! I feel in love with an accountant (who is the opposite of handy, whatever that is)... so i have my own toolbox :) but fortunately my man's dad is a carpenter so it works out for me. definitely need a man around who can fix and build things!

Cristina said...

I always run out of shelves, too! I prefer to have bookcases with glass doors, though, to keep away the dust - I HATE dusting!