Monday, 17 May 2010


Why is it that I can not throw things away? Every jam jar is a potential vessel...for flowers, for yet unknown things, for life. As is an empty can of iced green tea, a juice bottle, a curvy yoghurt tub. Even flailing flowers are kept and loved and dried and stored in an abovementioned vessel. My cupboards are cluttered to bursting. That's why I'm going steady with a carpenter...because love is a man who can build me more shelves.


Anonymous said...

Nice work.. A handy man is the way to go! (I have one too)
Very pretty pics, and if it makes you feel any better, I have to force myself to have a huge clean out every 6 months, or I begin to drown in all the stuff I have accumulated!
:) Flick

letterstobetsy said...

Love the pictures! How fun and fabulous!

Cornflake said...

I'm the same, so sentimental or I think something will have it's 'day' one day, lol!

Lovely blog! x