Saturday 15 May 2010

Hanging Around

Last time I was in the Gold Coast, Mr was at work and I could take my sweet time to discover a new cafe, gnaw at some gluten free toast and sip on a latte over the Saturday Spectrum before he brought home all his height in his heavy boots and his gentle hands.
This weekend though, I am without boy...but not for much longer! After 14 return flights between us our 15th flight will have us meet in Melbourne and fly back to Sydney together for our first shared plane trip when I bring him home for keeps.
photos taken on my iPhone.


Anonymous said...

That sounds great... You both must be very patient, but I'm sure it will so be worth it! Have an entirely fantastic weekend.
:) Flick

Unknown said...

So exciting for you! Thinking positive and quick time thoughts for you!!!

:) Laura

Beach House Living said...

Worth the wait I'm sure!