Tuesday 8 June 2010

Get Inspired & Come With Me

My favourite ever store would have to be Empire Vintage in Melbourne and I have been looking for the perfect excuse to stay at the lovely Lyn Gardener's White House in Daylesford for ages. So for my birthday last week, there I went, booked since January and counting down the days. You choose the room you fall in love with and get the whole house. I thought I had mine picked from the website, but when I arrived I chose the other. The one with the toile wallpaper and big bare globes with a portrait beside the bed of an old man I'll never know. This is the little garden studio which I peeked through the windows of - it's perched beneath a yellow leaved tree hung with baby bird cages.
p.s. For a lovely post with more info and images Pia has compiled one for you right here.


Unknown said...

These pictures just gave me calm in a somewhat hectic day. Thank you.

Beach House Living said...

Looks like a wonderful place of peace and calm.

Anonymous said...

Thank you I just came accross your blog this morning. Thanks for the lovely memories- we stubled accross Lyn's house and stayed a night in April last year and had a thouroughly enjoyable time. I'll be a regular reader of your blog from now on.