Tuesday, 1 June 2010

This Morning

A frosty morning and a touch of sunlight on petals of birthday tulips.


this free bird said...

This picture is just beautiful. The frosty window makes the tulips all that much more delicate.

Birthday?? Happy Happy if it's yours!

Raru said...

I see that your morning was very pretty ;)
Thank you for sharing this picture.
You said "birthday" - so happy happy birthday ;)


Bailey said...

Is it your birthday? What pretty flowers and what a perfect morning.

Hope your having a wonderful day!


The Design Dish said...

lovely flowers!
The Design Dish

The Pocket Stylist said...

These tulips are perfectly timeless I am in love!!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Nice flowers. Happy Birthday

Indigo said...

Beautiful flowers, I'll have to go down to the local markets and get some for the lounge

Michelle @ Divine Finds (Australia) said...

Those flowers are so inviting. Love them. Michelle