Tuesday 19 April 2011

Hoping for Thai Take Away in Bed on Saturday Night

Le Weekend gone - A house tidy, a laundromat drop, hot cross buns for breakfast. Coffee, a blow dry, all day breakfast for lunch. The doona out of storage, an afternoon rest in the rain and a party at night. Sunday -A walk at the beach, poached quince, pear and rhubarb with cinnmaon yoghurt, holding hands, tea and Mr. does some handyman work, tea and snacks, soup and toast, pick up boxes, snuggle, collect laundry, grocery shop, watch the end of Milk, make penne with crispy proscuitto, haloumi and Tuscan cabbage, some pinot noir, tea, chocolate, kisses, tv, blog, bed. Start of another week. A short week, a holiday to come. Can't wait to get back into a bikini and have a week of summer in Noosa.


Unknown said...

happy new week :)
love that tea pot so much


Miss T said...

So excited for Easter. Noosa would be nice, but Melbourne - Im ok with you.
T x

styeLinx said...

Sounds good to me! Enjoy!!

jenny @ albeit... said...

Yes! thai take away sounds so delish right now!! ::)