Sunday 15 May 2011

Je Suis Ici

I know I've been slack lately (what have I missed?) & I know we're all busy but between moving house, cleaning my old place, Easter, cleaning my new place, having a cold, going on holidays with my family (& seeking out the best coffee), unpacking, seeking out the best coffee in our new 'hood, Mothers' Day, trying to get the house in some kind of presentable order, babysitting, helping Mr with a Masters assignment and cooking for housewarming guests...I still managed to read the whole of Pia's stunning new book beneath my lamp at night next to a sleeping Mr over a few quiet nights.

These pics are of my niece in Noosa; my Easter gift from Mr; B2's restaurant in Noosa; Asha taking to the waves in the bikini Mr and I bought her last Christmas. She's such a kamikaze for a little doll.


Quality kitchen cabinets said...

Aww....!!! she's so cute...!!!muahhh

God Bless...!!!

ashirwaad-holiday-apts-goa said...

The kid looks so cute.
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