Sunday 19 June 2011

Out of Sorts

Some good news. Mr isn't leaving me for a job up North anymore. He's staying here in our house by the beach (can you see it in the splashback reflection) so we can continue to cook dinner together, keep each other warm in bed, not sit next to a stranger on the bus, drink coffee and read the papers in silence in the sun. I've been so out of sorts since he told me it was an option.


Miss T said...

Nothing better than good news! I have just dropped an expensive bottle of wine all over my drive way - absolute swings and roundabouts.
T x

Glamour Drops said...

What a fabulous story - and you know, somehow this is even better than if he was never going to move anyway. Because it makes you appreciate each other.

I had to laugh at Miss T's delightful comment! Haven't we all done that and cried! One needs the ups, the downs and the laughs in between.