Tuesday, 19 July 2011

For The Love of Jamie

My latest cooking obsession is Jamie's 30 minute meals. They take (me) more than 30 minutes but the flavours are amazing. Mr gave this salmon tray bake with salsa verde 10 out of 10. The '0' was a gift for baby Sage for when she got back home to mama BB's house. Speaking of which, I will soon be able to share pics of her soon to be installed new kitchen.


Nat @ dear little house said...

I haven't tried the 30 minute meals, but I have one of his other cookbooks and I love it. The feedback I've heard is that they take EVERYBODY more then 30 minutes :)

Rachel said...

Alrighty, Ms-Working-Your-Way-Through-30-Minute-Meals, I'm working on a collaborative recipe project. Would you send me your favorite, tried-and-true recipe?
Thank you so much!

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duckless said...

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