Thursday 14 July 2011

The Home Front

I'm excited about our little getaway to Melbourne this weekend. I'm most looking forwardto a nice hot bath in our lovely hotel room. It will be chilly but lots of good food and a change of scenery will be lovely.

Pic 1 - Although the scenery from our house is pretty, well serene. Check out our beach. All ours. It will be a different story in summer no doubt.

Pic 2 - This is our new Persian rug we randomly bought when driving through Rozelle to pick up some recycled timber Mr has been working with to fashion into a bench seat for our dining table. Quite a commitment was buying that together. We tried to justify the expense all the way home.

Pic 3 - Mr named this photo 'reflections,' which I took a Sunday afternoon walk, bless his little heart, he has been naming my garlands when I dance around the house to show him the most recetly completed one.

Pic 4 - Another little project - glitter covered letters. Very messy indeed.


Miss T said...

I suggest you contact your local council and ask if you can change the street cabling to your tremendous garlands - wouldnt that be great?!

crowd SPRING said...

All the above pics are lovely!Loved going through your post!keep posting such interesting stuff!