Wednesday 28 December 2011

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is ready to ring in the New Year. What a busy year it's been, I hope the next is a little less hectic but I don't know how that could be so.

I mentioned a few posts ago that Mr & I bought a 50's house and are busy making it a home. For Christmas, Mr bought me a Kitchen Aid mix master and yesterday while he was mowing the lawns (yes we have lawn - mostly weeds & dirt), I was baking a cake and we met on the couch for tea (creme brulee tea from T2, you HAVE to try it) and citrus butter cake I said to him "now that I have Stitchy and a Kitchen Aid and you have your garage/workshop, all I need now is to start sewing myself some 50's house dresses and I'm a regular Betty Crocker". So now of course, I am on the hunt for some 50's dress patterns.

I look forward to taking you on a photographic tour of our house very soon.

p.s. made this white, silver & lemon garland for the centre of my sister's dinner party table - her post here.


bestie said...

love the garland!

kate said...

kitchen aid is my dream! Congrats!!

The Pocket Stylist said...

Love this grland I think I might have to order for little boys room.

Lynda said...

I've loved looking at your blog for quite some time now,(probably a year) and thought it time to tell you so. It's always pretty and bright. Congrats on the house, I hope you have a wonderful year.

N I C O L A said...

thank you ever so much lovely Lynda