Tuesday 3 January 2012

Le Table

Goodness me, I downloaded Google Chrome and the updated Blogger and have confused myself silly! Anywho, here are more pics of Xmas Eve, who knew mauve carnations could be so sweet?A large outdoor garland was hung and a menu taped to the wall. We dined on olives, wine and bread / then a butterflied leg of lamb with salsa verde / zucchini, feta and avocado salad / fresh tomatoes with olive oil and thyme / roasted pumpkin with sage. Then for dessert some Christmas pudding ice cream with poached summer cherries. Tea, Brie's white Xmas and our home made trio of cookies to finish.


Swami Prakashanand Saraswati said...

Le Table is looking very attractive. It would give a great ambiance if kept in the dining room.

cathyb said...

Le Table is indeed beautiful. Have you seen Laura Letinsky's photography work - she has a shot in her book "Now Again" of a white table with pink flowers - reminds me exactly of your setting - check her out online