Friday 20 January 2012

Salle de Bain

How I love stylish bathrooms. Timber, concrete, pedestal vanity, I don't mind. I know I want Venetian mirrors. A rectangular one or 2 tall ones above Mr and I's basins. I just have to convince Mr to knock through the wall into our beloved walk in pantry because I want it to be spacious. We were gifted an old cast iron bath with bronze feet, which is waiting patiently and waterless in storage. Eventually I will have it resprayed in whitest white (feet and all?!) and have it perched centre stage like the one we bathed in at the White House in Daylesford. That bathroom looks bare and basic but it was a delight to be in and bathe in.

My pink tub is full of dust and critters and the whale spout isn't quite cutting it. A mix of designer bathroom furniture and a vintage French armoire for towels and beautiful bathroom products and such would do nicely I'd think. But I have a wedding to plan (I'm trying to keep that very simple and - fingers crossed - easy too) so back on the back burner this goes.


Dawniepants said...

I love the mirror wall. I am making one myself at the moment in my Frech shabby chic style dressing room, everything is faded pink and white. I love a good mirror wall!


Ceci said...

oooh, it looks so pretty! I can't wait until I move and have the time and money to decorate my house.

Nathan said...

Great raw looking concrete sink in Photo 4 - nice and earthy

N I C O L A said...

Hey Dawnie - I would so love to see pics of your dressing room when you're done - it sounds gorgeous! x