Sunday 26 February 2012

Bathing Beauties

Have you seen the bathroom on the cover of the new Home Beautiful bathroom mag? Amazing. I can't stop imagining new bathrooms, lots of white - all of them in my mind have, a chandelier, a frilly skirt (like the last pic), some marble - but then again, I would want all those elements in my kitchen and laundry as well. Imagine  black bathroom suites.  That's way too brave for me. I would love to go a bit crazy in our the little separate 'water closet' room.  Lots of wallpaper (only from half way up of course in case the toilet water splashes onto it - yuck - I heard this recently on Sarah's House - I am addicted to her shows), oh yeah and lots of pattern, a beautiful light, art even! No wall shall go un-arted. Especially if we open up the kitchen/living/dining area in our place and I'm left with barley a wall in our one-day-gonna-be-glass-box-house.

Sources: house beautiful / porch light interiors / sensational colour / house beautiful via shore dreams and beautiful things  / windsor smith's house via house beautiful.


Unknown said...

hello! my name is sophie, and i just received the 2m garland i ordered!

just wanted to drop a line and say it's beautiful and i do love it!

thank you!

N I C O L A said...

hi sophie - thank you for letting me know - am thrilled it found you safely and so glad you love it!! xx

Keren, rhymes w/ Heron said...

The white looks so glossy and elegant - however in a bathroom the real question is - WILL I BE ABLE TO KEEP THIS CLEAN?

Rachael said...

those tubs are so gorgeous...just begging to be soaked in!

Unknown said...

I love the frilly skirt!