Saturday, 14 April 2012

About The Boy

I was surprised to see the blogs devoted to the man-journey of a wedding and making me consider the other perspective. That of waiting at the end of the aisle waiting for fate to come and collect you rather than walking down the aisle towards it.

I love how nervous this guy looks (his best man seems pretty excited and grandma's not sure whats going on!). Then look at him so content with the wife (am liking the white shirt / white tie combo). I did have a good  laugh at old mate on the floor - there's always one! Check out Well Groomed for a beautiful blog detailing the more masculine considerations.

Speaking of the bridegroom, Mr's strapping ensemble arrived from the US and everything fits! Suit and shoes. Beats a weekend wasted at the department store dragging him around the shops.
Pics by Feather & Stone

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