Saturday 26 May 2012

Love in a Jar

I am not a lover of the shape of a heart. I like stars and crowns. I love wreaths. I like spots and squares and chevrons. I don't like hearts. Never have. From the outset for anything to do with my upcoming nuptials (what a terrible word) the rule has been no hearts.  But then I bought these little gems and couldn't resist sandwiching them together with neon thread.

I call them 'love in a jar'.  Whenever Mr goes out to get something he asks me "do you want me to bring anything back for you?" Every time I ask "can you bring me back some love in a jar?"

Of course he never has so I made it myself.


Unknown said...

That is absolutely too cute! =] I'm saving this as a DIY

TINA KENT said...

You're funny! This is so sweet. THe best my husband comes back with is an almond Magnum!