Sunday 12 August 2012

Craft Machine

What a freezing, windy and wet weekend. Mr and I huddled up at home with our newly working fireplace (pic 5). We drank coffee, cooked toast, scratched together lunch and I spent most of Saturday afternoon making a chocolate tart while Mr was trying to finish off a uni assignment. On Sunday I spent the day drinking more coffee, eating left over chocolate tart and crafting together some custom orders (garlands galore, orange & gold heart art and finished off a hand painted wedding banner). Mr is still battling with that assignment.


bestie said...

nothing like a weekend of coffee and more coffee!! add a fire and it's nearly perfection.

have you entered my giveaway yet?

Natasha said...

Great job on the banner it looks fantastic! I too was battling through a uni assignment this weekend!

Tessa White said...

Gorgeous, I love your colours and that handwriting is delectable x