Thursday 18 October 2012

An Unremarkably Casual Thing

"We are spinning with every emotion: we are happy and sentimental,confident and nervous, focused and scattered, but mostly we are busy. Busy with the preparations for the guests, the ceremony, the parties, the honeymoon, the lifetime we wake up to when the carnival dust settles...Yet, as I consider all there is left to do before we close the dating chapter of our life and open the married one, I can't help but recall how our story first began - back before the bouquets and the giant cake and the first dance and the waiter with trays of champagne...It has started years ago with just a lunch. Just one shared meal: an unremarkably casual thing...She wore a blue top over olive skin and she smiled as easily as she breathed."
Austin Sailsbury, Kinfolk Mag #3.
I read this when I was travelling for work and snuck into a Magnation on the way to the hotel.  I didn't want to pay $30 for the mag so I committed the writer's name to memory - Austin Sailsbury - and checked in and and googled to try and get back the gorgeous snippet I just read.  To no avail. I had Mr come to the Sydney Magnation store with me and of course it was sold out.  I ended up paying the money + shipping when I got the mag posted from a lovely shop in Tasmania to be in my hands and read at my leisure.  I read the article to Mr.  I guess when I read this originally, I was in the same boat as Austin, mad in the preparations and needing to see the romance in it and to step back and look how we got here and what we had to look forward to ahead. A story such as this, whomever's it is, ends happily ever after (in the short term anyway, I should mention I'm planning for the ever after).

p.s. that's my mag - all wrapped and freshly received from The Maker.

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