Wednesday 3 April 2013

Before & In Between

 Finally I have found austerity and restraint - if only it could stay this way. Mr has decided we need to rip the walls down and fill them with insulation. So my painting of the floors, walls and ceiling is on hold until this is done.  This room is so unfinished and this is the one we are starting with and I have run out of steam already. The problem is, I love the rawness and paleness of it. This room gets the most light in the house and I smile every time I walk past it. Shame the room next door is stuffed with the contents of its cupboards and furniture and is the exact opposite.  Hmm, have never been one for consistency.


Unknown said...

Corner rooms always have the best lighting. I excited to see what you do with this room! :)

Maggie A
Love Mavin


I need a room like this. It's perfect. xo