Sunday 6 October 2013

Home Baby

Some images of our first few weeks at home together. She's such a good little companion. 
p.s. thanks little cousins for the cool neon outfits.


Unknown said...

Oh so cute! And those adorable little dresses..
Congratulations :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet little girl and such great fashion sense already! ;)

Seawashed said...

She is soooo sweet xo

Katie said...

Congratulations on little Piper - she's beautiful, and surrounded by such lovely style too! Those clothes from the cousins - the gold spotted cardi and t-shirt with pocket detail - are just beyond fabulous. I'm expecting my own first small one in a few months, and after lots (and lots) of pottering the interwebs, haven't been able to track down the brand they are. I'd be ever so grateful if you could please post some details of them so our own little penguin can look so glam!