Sunday, 22 December 2013

It's Christmas Time

If you follow me on Instagram, you will be familiar (i.e. sick to death) with my Christmas colours for 2013, but I though I might give you a few more details.  

The plywood tree:: Mr made the tree from a sheet of ply from the hardware store. We cut a triangle from the centre of the sheet and screwed a metal channel at the joins to secure the two remaining pieces. If we (he) made it again we would buy 2 pieces of ply and cut a strip through the centre of one and the base of the other and sit one leaf between the other.

The Christmas decorations:: The origami decorations were from Papaya last year. I stitched a dots garland for the tree and the angel made from felt with newspaper wings was a gift from my mum, I think she bought it at Donna Hay

The sacks:: A pillowcase, (a gift to myself from the Design Files Open House, along with the lemon cushion) and one I made from an old fabric shower curtain with lots of ribbons (from my wedding bouquet) strung through it.

The wrapping::  Much of it is sourced from the local newsagent..all the sticker dots and the lovely 3D glitter bauble card. The porcelain bell is by Marley & Lockyer. The ribbons and gold elastic were from Lincraft and my ribbon box. I cut the feathers out from coloured card stock.  I don't like bows (or hearts for that matter) so I either used knots or wrapped in reverse so only the twist was showing, then tucked under a feather and a Murobond paint chip (the circle) but you could easily punch one out in a coordinating colour.

The cake:: This is a tiny ginger and roasted macadamia cake I baked and topped with chocolate icing, a little deer figurine and sprinkled in desiccated coconut to look like snow. I added a little bit of icing to the deer's back, nose and ears so the coconut would stick and the deer would looked snowed upon.

The card::  The black Christmas card with a photo of our baby girl is from Minted and the words "joy" are foiled in gold. Minted even prints the envelope addresses for free. We'll be using them next year, their designs are gorgeous.


Tessa White said...

It looks amazing.. I have never done pastels at Crimbo but I may just save that one for next year as I love it..

Unknown said...

wow amazing, everything looks lovely!

Unknown said...

Love how personalized and well thought out this looks.

Maggie A

Unknown said...

I am Trish from am new to the blogging scene. I just wanted to say I love your gift wrapping idea. It reminded me of something I use to do as a kid. I use to wrap my gifts for my classmates with newspaper and tie it with twine.