Friday, 21 February 2014

Instructions for Piper

One more week at home with my babe, then I am back to work.  Mr is taking over the primary carer privilege for the next 6 months. He asked me to write down some instructions. Um, we just hang out all day and she she eats when she's hungry and sleeps when she's tired. I started telling him she needs a bottle every 4 hours but that day she she fell asleep an hour before she was due for a feed and slept for 4 hours so her feeds were 10am and not again til 5pm.

It may look like a long list but it just details what makes her happy and encourages him to enjoy her and give her extra kisses from me (you can read the full list of instructions on Instagram). I can't image how much I'll miss her.  I think all the tears shed in the first few weeks will be mine.

The idea behind sharing the caring was so Mr would understand the day's work looking after a baby.  But it really must depend on the child and little Piper has been very easy.  She is just heaven to spend all day every day with.  I'm excited for him to really get to know her and for them to essentially have a 6 month holiday at home together.

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