Sunday, 1 June 2014

Closer to Nature GIVEAWAY

Usually I find out useful things exist once I no longer require them, but the Perfect Prep machine came into my life at exactly the right time.  So easy and quick to use - it makes a bottle in less than 2 minutes at the perfect temperature and water level.  With the little miss waking at night due to her teething and wanting a bottle in an instant, so pressing a button and having a bottle done in  no time has been fabulous.  We used to have boiled cooled water in the fridge and then have to wait for what seemed forever for the kettle to boil, then we would tip in and out cool and warm water until we reached the about the right temp and water level, then test it and ask each other, "is it warm enough?" "should we put it in the bottle warmer?" "Do you think its too hot?" "Should we run it under cold water?" Not what you want to be doing at 3am.  No need any more. Oh, and it filters the water too!

No it's your turn to win your very own perfect prepmachine.

Just leave a comment below about what appeals most about the perfect prep™ machine and "like"

A  winner will be announced 15 June.
Preparing your baby’s bottle isn’t always straightforward, so to help parents everywhere, closer to nature® have created the perfect prep™ machine. Specially designed to make preparing bottles* quicker and more accurate, this clever device makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes, so your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. The perfect prep™ machine is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes.  Available at Babies R Us, RRP$250.


Chloe Barber said...

I think the fact that I may be able to rest my tired sleep deprived head on the bench at 3am while a bottle gets made for me #mumwin

Unknown said...

I Love that it makes the bottle with Perfect Measurements and Temperature.
Having a Toddler who is not the best sleeper and a 7 week old is making me very sleep deprived I am always paranoid that I am going to forget a scoop of formula or over heat the bottle and the crying baby will wake the rest of the house up winning this would really relieve some stress.

ashley said...

My sister in law would love the convenience and simplicity. Looks pretty enough for baby gear too! xx

jade1234 said...

Making the bottle at the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes is a great feature for this sleep deprived mumma

Karina L said...

I will be able to prep my bottles while my eyes are still closed at 2am in the morning.

Unknown said...

Seriously?? Yes please!! This would save every sleep deprived mothers sanity. What an amazing invention. Would love to win :)

Unknown said...

I write this at 4am as I am up preparing a bottle Lol!! I definitely need one of these.

beck said...
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beck said...

Perfect for tired, busy parents as it is
Efficient and Space Saving
Reliable Every time making the perfect bottle
Fast Preparation in under 2 minutes
Easy to use
Compatible with different bottles
Temperature is always right

Protects baby from bacteria by
Retaining particles on its filter system and
Ensuring sterile water with its “hot shot”
Provides peace of mind each feed

Sam @ dunnewithstyle said...

The best feature has to be that I can prepare a bottle with my eyes 3/4 closed in the middle of the night - that classifies as more sleep right?! X

Caroline Kelly said...
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Caroline Kelly said...

Not having to spend time guessing if the bottle temperature is correct which means more time spent caring, settling and nurturing baby and less time stressing.

monica said...

"So easy and quick to use" you had me at those words! A new mum loves them too!

Unknown said...

The fact that it does the measuring for you sounds amazing especially when im sleep deprived and not paying much attention will be greatly helpful