Monday 2 March 2009

Bazaar & Bizarre

Bazaar: The beautiful new weekly farmers' markets are housed on one side of the tracks of a heritage listed ex-railway workshop. On the other side is Carriageworks - an industrial, peely-paint warehouse space containing an art gallery, cafe and performance space. Pop over to my food blog for more details and images.

Bizarre: When I looked through the window into the Carriageworks building there was a bizarre giant deflated fluorescent pink bear and black & red balloons hanging from the rafters. Not one for being unfamilar with the wrong side of the tracks I ventured in - I promise to post these pics soon - I was amazed. To top off the bizarreness of the weekend, on a leisurely Sunday morning stroll along the esplanade at Cronulla Beach, there I was, minding my own business and what passes me but a family on penny farthings - I kid you not - dressed in all their olden day finery - even the little boy was on a mini penny farthing in a matching tie and waistcoat to his dad and all peddalling along wearing dead straight faces. Bizarre.

a little girl on her dad's shoulders : 'sold' hydrangeas
roses : the market's back wall

breakfast: banana streusel muffin & Toby's Estate coffee on the pages of Gourmet Traveller : a Sonoma baguette is taken from the basket

All images by concrete & honey - more images posted at Urban Nectar.


Masie said...

where is this devine market

N I C O L A said...

Miss Masie - I have added some links to this post - but if you pop over to, you'll get all details and lots more pics. x

Kate Moore said...

I am hoping to get down your way soon to check this space out. I keep pencilling in dates and then something else takes priority. The sculpture could have been on standby for Mardi Gras this weekend.