Sunday 26 April 2009

Buds & Bowers

An enchanted chat to the guy at Buds & Bowers ended in my buying these amazing branches (related to the eucalyptus tree). Their leaves are powdery grey and their little gumnuts and branches look as though they have been dipped in white paint. I didn't have a tall enough vase for them so they eneded up in a silver topped wine decanter. I loved that they were wrapped in grey paper to match their chalky grey leaves. This is not your average florist...other unique 'flowers' on display were cows udders, pink peppercorns, okra branches and echinacea.


Unknown said...

What a great site! It's a great change from cookie cutter interflora xoxo

spiritsoflena said...

I went to the sight and loved the arrangements. It is different than anything I have seen with flower arrangement. They really bring a unique and artistic touch to arrangements!

loupita said...

Love these! Very different!