Saturday 9 May 2009


A couple more fabulous stops I recommend you make on the blogger bus are Mimi Charmante, where you'll find lovely images posted by woman who is "aspiring to run a fabulous home, raise the very best future husbands ever, and keep [her] wonderful marriage fresh and lively" & Unruly Things where graphic artist Alyson Graves shares delightful daily inspirations and has a thing for "him, my rats, fresh flowers, dried leaves, colorful fish, little things, polka dots, vintage photos, magazine clippings, laughing until my stomach hurts, cooking, homemade soup, tea, spices, belgian beer, sushi, unfiltered sake, neutral colors, the rain, the smell of lavender, peppermint lotion, flip flops, broken in jeans, warm cookies, surprises, birthdays, music, memories, love." If you had to list 5 things you had 'a thing for', what would they be? & BTW - what is going on in Portland Oregon? So many blogs I have come to admire hail from there, it must be a very cool place full of clever design minds - I think one day I'll need to pay it a visit! Happy weekend. X
Image 1: Dace spring 09 campaign via Unruly Things & image 2: by Mimi Charmante - buy your own from Mimi's shop Little Bluebird Studio.


Kristin said...

Well, that is just the nicest tribute to those women with blogs that are so very wonderful. And, they really are that wonderful! :)

mimi charmante said...

How incredibly sweet are you??? Thank you so much for your kind words - they have made my day.

As for Portland, it is only a short drive south of here - maybe you need to take a visit... I agree that there are some incredible ladies from there!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend~

spiritsoflena said...

Your photos are beautiful. I really love your style.

Unknown said...

i was trying to stop adding to my growing list of favourite blogs, but you're making it hard with great recommendations for lovely the way, think your posts this week have been really lovely xx

Katie said...

Your reccomendations are wonderful and greatly appreciated. Beautiful images as always!