Friday 8 May 2009

Sweet Solitude

I love the profile description Natasha offers on her blog She left on a Monday. She writes wittily, self deprecatingly and honestly, sharing what she calls 'her random thoughts' – this one being my favourite. She’s addicted to coffee as much as she is travel – as I am - craving them both desperately and often (me, not her). She has great taste in cookbooks, novels and Melbourne stores – her Etsy shop Bella Luce is blooming with divine flower images on bright white backdrops – love. I know her only as a writer and photographer. She is also a lawyer.

Image 1 from Loupita and image 2 & 3 from She Left on a Monday.


sam said...

Thanks for the great link to She Left on a Monday - fabulous read!

natasha said...

Oh Nicola thanks so much, this has totally made my day! :)) *hugs*

Tussy said...

I like the bench, very emotional.

Thailand In Photos

Silke Powers said...

Thanks for that link - what a gorgeous blog!! :) Silke

Kristin said...

These images are just so peaceful! I have finally breathed today after looking at these images, so thank you for posting! Love them!

Happy Weekend to you!

:), kristin

Unknown said...

Awesome link! I love the first photograph in your post, it's so peaceful. Have a lovely weekend xoxo