Saturday 6 June 2009

Finders Keepers

The Finders Keepers market was a few weeks ago now but I can't get Gretchen Hillhouse's porcelain jewellery out of my head. She was wearing amazing chunky necklaces and informing people of the surprising strength of the material, oh to have an arm full of those grey wash bangles. Other faves were Victoria Mason's pencil shaving necklace, the tiny birds on the inside of Ruby & Scarlett stationary and the art of mother & daughter duo Mulberry Muse (French vintage paper products) and Tabitha Emma (handcrafted textiles and art prints). It was on in conjunction with the Farmers' Markets so lovely coffee and nutmeg & zucchini bread and a the new Vogue Entertaining made a fine start to the day. The ladies pictured here were wearing my two favourite outfits of the day.
Images by me except row 3: jewellery from Gretchen's website.

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Unknown said...

have heard about these markets ... would love to get along next time I'm in town